Photo Friday: Green Eyes

I just learned that today is Global Cat Day. So here is a global cat. Specifically, it’s an Italian cat. I was with a small group that was having a cooking lesson with a Tuscan chef, in her lovely old villa in the hills around Florence. After we finished making the meal, we stepped outside onto the patio to eat it. Her fluffy, green-eyed friend had already claimed one of the wicker chairs, and I couldn’t resist taking a photo. Then we sat down to a truly amazing meal. I can still taste the homemade pasta and perfectly fried squash blossoms.

My original photo was in full color, but I converted it to black-and-white with spot color to emphasize the cat’s beautiful green eyes. The eyes are the actual, untouched-up color. This kind of manipulation was not easy to do at the time, which was before the availability of free online photo editing programs. I didn’t have Photoshop, but achieved the effect slowly and painstakingly using Microsoft Paint.

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