Still Negative

Here we are in the masks my sister-in-law made for us.

I got my Covid-19 test results today, and I’m still negative, thank goodness.

Mostly, people here are pretty good about wearing masks and social distancing, but I’m afraid some of them never got the word about the new city law requiring masks outdoors, too. I took a walk a few days ago and was surprised to see some neighbors, mostly dog walkers, unmasked. That’s OK on your own property, but if you’re anywhere where you might come near other people — and that’s pretty much everywhere in a city this densely populated, you’re supposed to have one on. I never know if it’s a good idea to say anything. I think I would if it were someone I know, but I’m hesitant to bring it up with a stranger, even if it is the law.

I wish people would just use some common sense. Or, if they have none, follow the rules. It’s not that hard.

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