October 12 Writer Birthdays

1810 – Dionísia Gonçalves Pinto (pen name Nísia Floresta Brasileira Augusta), Brazilian educator, translator, writer, and poet who is considered the “first Brazilian feminist”; she was one of the first women to publish her work in newspapers in Brazil, and also wrote a book defending the rights of women, Native Americans, and slaves.

1875 – Aleister Crowley, an English occultist who wrote books on the subject; he was also a novelist, poet, painter, and magician.

1887 – Abolqasem Lahouti, Persian writer, poet, artist, journalist, and political activist.

1887- Paula Preradovic (known professionally as Paula von Preradovic or by her married name, Paula Molden), Austrian writer and poet who was the granddaughter of the poet, writer. and military general Petar Preradovic. She is best known for writing the lyrics to the national anthem of Austria.

1891 – Edith Stein (religious name Teresia Benedicta a Cruce, also known as St.
Edith Stein or St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross), German nun, writer, theologian, philosopher, university teacher, translator, linguist, nursing assistant, Catholic saint, and resistance fighter who began as a Jewish philosopher but later, along with her sister Rosa, converted to Catholicism and becoming a Discalced Carmelite nun. In 1942 both sisters were arrested by the Nazis and died in Auschwitz.

1894 – Agnes von Krusenstjerna, Swedish writer and artist whose books challenged the moral standards of the day and touched off a literary controversy about freedom of speech.

1896 – Eugenio Montale, Nobel Prize-winning Italian writer, poet, editor, and translator who is considered the greatest Italian lyric poet since Giacomo Leopardi.

1904 – Jiǎng Bīngzhī (pen name Ding Ling, formerly romanized as Ting Ling), award-winning Chinese short-story writer and novelist who is considered a major figure in 20th century Chinese literature.

1904 – Lester Dent, American pulp fiction author, best known as creator of the character Doc Savage.

1908 – Paul Engle, American poet, editor, teacher, literary critic, novelist, and playwright who is best known as the director of the Iowa Writer’s Workshop.

1908 – Anne Petry, American author who became the first black woman writer with sales topping a million copies; she is best known for her novel The Street.

1909 – Dorothy Livesay, award-winning Canadian poet, short-story writer, and memoir writer whose “well-crafted poems … not only showed skilled use of the imagist technique but prefigured Margaret Atwood’s condemnations of exploitative and fearful attitudes to the Canadian landscape.”

1910 – Robert Fitzgerald, British poet, educator, journalist, author, and translator whose translations of the Greek classics became the standard texts.

1912 – Alice Childress, American playwright, actor, and author of young-adult literature.

1921 – Logie Bruce-Lockhart, British writer, headmaster, Scottish rugby player, and author of books about fishing.

1925 – Robin Skelton, British poet, professor, anthologist, professor, and editor who was a practicing Wiccan and often wrote on neopagan religions, but who was best known as an authority on Irish literature.

1936 – Frederick Nnabuenyi Ugonna, Nigerian ethnologist, linguist, and writer who is remembered for his studies of the Igbo language and other African languages as well as of African literature.

1938 – Nida Fazli, award-winning Indian Hindi and Urdu poet, screenwriter, author, and lyricist.

1956 – Rafael Ábalos, Spanish author of young-adult fantasy.

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