October 8 Writer Birthdays

1872 – John Cowper Powys, British novelist, lecturer, philosopher, literary critic, and poet.

1892 – Marina Tsvetaeva, Russian writer, poet, translator, and diarist whose work is considered among the greatest in 20th century Russian literature.

1917 – Walter Lord, bestselling American author of popular history books; he is best known for his account of the Titanic’s sinking, A Night to Remember, which was made into a movie.

1920 – Frank Herbert, American science-fiction writer whose Dune saga is a classic of the genre.

1930 – Faith Ringgold, African-American author and children’s book author.

1930 – Toru Takemitsu, Japanese composer, teacher, guitarist, and influential writer on aesthetics and music theory

1933 – Michael Korda, English-born writer, novelist, and editor.

1938 – William Corlett, English author known for his The Magician’s House set of children’s novels.

1939 – Harvey Pekar, American comic-book writer best known for his American Splendor series of autobiographical graphic novels.

1943 – R.L. Stine, American author of children’s horror series, notably Goosebumps and Fear Street.

1948 – Benjamin Cheever, American writer who is the son of noted author John Cheever.

1953 – Julia Navarro, Spanish journalist, nonfiction author on current affairs and politics, and bestselling novelist.

1958 – Steve Coll, American journalist and author, recipient of two Pulitzer Prizes, on of them for the 2004 book Ghost Wars.

1958 – Bret Lott, award-winning American author, professor, and editor who is best known for the novel Jewel, an Oprah’s Book Club selection that was made into a movie.

1963 – Ha Joon Chang, South Korean economist and author who has been listed in Prospect magazine as one of the top 20 World Thinkers.

1966 – Claire Messud, award-winning American author and professor.

1968 – Jaclyn Moriarty, Australian novelist, most known for her young-adult literature; her sisters Liane and Nicola are also authors.

1971 – Pınar Selek, Turkish sociologist, feminist, writer, editor, children’s author, sociologist, and human rights activist; she is known for her work on the rights of vulnerable communities in Turkey, including women, the poor, street children, sexual minorities, and Kurdish communities.

1975 – Tahmima Anam, award-winning Bangladeshi-born writer, novelist, journalist, and columnist.

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