October 7 Writer Birthdays

1849 – James Whitcomb Riley, American writer and poet whose 1885 poem “Little Orphant Annie” was the basis for the later character.

1893 – Alice Dalgliesh, three-time Newbery Medal-winning Trinidad-born American author of children’s historical fiction.

1907 – Helen MacInnes, Scottish-American author of espionage novels.

1914 – Mihailo Lalic, Montenegrin and Serbian writer and journalist.

1915 – Margarita Aliger, Ukrainian Soviet writer, poet, translator, linguist, and journalist.

1922 – William Zinsser, American writer, editor and journalist, many of whose books deal with the craft of writing.

1928 – Sohrab Sepehri, Iranian poet, writer, and painter who is considered one of the top five Iranian poets of the modern era.

1935 – Thomas Keneally, award-winning Australian writer whose book Schindler’s Ark was adapted into the film Schindler’s List.

1939 – Clive James, Australian-born British literary critic, poet, lyricist, novelist, and memoirist, and television personality.

1946 – Anita Shreve, award-winning bestselling American author, magazine writer, and editor.

1948 – Diane Ackerman, American author, poet, and naturalist best known for her work A Natural History of the Senses.

1951 – Natsuo Kirino (pen name of Mariko Hashioka), Japanese author of detective novels.

1960 – Kevin Boyle, National Book Award-winning American historian and author.

1964 – Sharmila Rege, award-winning Indian sociologist, professor, feminist scholar, and author of Writing Caste, Writing Gender whose work was considered pivotal in opening up dialogue in India on questions of class, caste, religion, gender, and sexuality; her focus on alternative history writing gave new life to the local and oral traditions of knowledge and cultural practice by bringing them into public attention through translation projects that built archives of national memory.

1964 – Dan Savage, American author, columnist, and media pundit who writes an advice column about relationships.

1965 – Paula McLain, American novelist, poet, and memoirist who is best known for her novel The Paris Wife, a fictionalized account of Ernest Hemingway’s first marriage.

1966 – Sherman Alexie, American author, short-story writer, poet, and filmmaker whose work focuses on his experiences growing up on the Spokane Indian reservation.

1979 – Muhammad Aladdin (also known as Alaa Eddin), award-winning Egyptian novelist, short-story writer, and scriptwriter who is often described as “an innovator in the Arabic literature.”

1980 – Andreea Iacob, Romanian theater director and playwright.

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