Photo Friday: Art on the Avenue

It’s the first weekend of October, and in a normal year, Art on the Avenue would be taking place in my neighborhood tomorrow, the first Saturday of the month. Inviting thousands of people to gather, eat pie, make scarecrows, listen to music, and enjoy all kinds of artwork would be a bad idea in a pandemic, so the event is not taking place in person this year, and I miss it. Today, I contacted an artist about a painting I admired at the event the past two years, and hope to buy it if it’s still available. If we can possibly afford it, we should be doing our best to support local artists of all kinds this year. In the meantime, here’s a scene from a previous Art on the Avenue, showing some of the judges for the annual Pie Baking Contest that is always a highlight of the event.

I worked at the Pie Contest the year this photo was taken, helping to display the pies and then cut them up to sell by the slice after the judging was finished. I had hoped to do it again this year. Maybe in 2021.

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