Another Odd Dream

Another odd dream last night, the second memorable one this week, though I woke up before more than a fragment had played out. I was at home, in the kitchen, and could hear my husband and son watching television in the family room.

Suddenly, over the sound of the television, I thought I heard a baby crying. It seemed to be coming from the front of the house. I walked toward the door and realized the sound was coming from just outside. I could even tell the sound originated from a point low down, as if the baby were in a car seat placed on the welcome mat, directly in front of the door. I didn’t know why a baby might be on my doorstep, but the child was clearly in distress, so of course I would help. I began to reach for the door, but I stopped myself when I heard a man’s voice murmuring outside.

Something was making me suspicious. I wasn’t sure why, but I believed the man was using the baby’s crying as a reason to make me open the door so he could get inside the house. I wasn’t even sure there was a real baby; it could be a recording. I called for Bob to come, and told him not to open the door. And then I heard the knob rattling. The man was trying to get in.

I knew we were in terrible danger. Escape plans raced through my mind, and I thought about telling my son to slip out the back door, but I wasn’t sure where to tell him to go after that. The backyard was fenced; the only way to get out is to circle the house and emerge into the front yard. But there is no way to get through the fence on the right. And coming around the house to the left would put him much too close to the front door. I picked up the phone to call 911. And that’s when I woke up.

I’m trying to determine what my subconscious might have been saying in the language of this dream. My son’s 18 and just left for college, in the middle of a pandemic, when it seems likely that more and more students will be infected and the university might have to send everyone home. I think the baby crying on the doorstep might symbolize my son who’s no longer in the house, and my fear for his welfare. And the mysterious man trying to get in may be a stand-in for the virus.

Now can I go back to having crazy, complicated dreams that are intriguing but not disturbing? Please?

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