It’s time. The rented minivan is (extremely) full, and we are heading to James Madison University today to move Jon Morgan into the dorm.

Some people have been critical of our need for a minivan. My guess is that they drive SUVs or other large vehicles. But we have a little Prius. The refrigerator and desk hutch alone would be more than we could fit in it, and then there are the clothes, musical instruments, music, books, and all the various other supplies. You may remember I posted about the desk hutch recently, when we painted it. The rooms have no bookshelves, so this is really a necessity, but it does take up quite a bit of space in the van.

Freshman move-in has been expanded this year from the usual two days to four, to make it possible to socially distance everyone, with each student assigned a three-hour time slot on a specific day, and roommates moving in on different days. Only two helpers (usually parents) are allowed. And once the student is moved in, nobody who does not live in that particular dorm building is allowed in, for the whole year, or as long as social distancing lasts. He’s scheduled to move in on Sunday from noon to 3 pm. But we are leaving today to drive down, and will spend the night in a hotel.

Now we’re all hoping the number of coronavirus cases at the school doesn’t increase enough so that the university has to close the campus and send everyone home to attend classes online, as other schools are already starting to do.

Jon Morgan looks tired in this shot from all the packing and carrying, and he will be more tired tomorrow when we’ve finished moving him in, especially since we couldn’t fit the dolly in the van! I hope he has an amazing experience his first year of college.

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