August 22 Writer Birthdays

1673 – Natalya Alexeyevna, Russian playwright and Grand Duchess who was the daughter of Tsar Alexis and the sister of Peter the Great.

1778 – James Kirke Paulding, American satirist, poet, and writer of history who was also Secretary of the Navy and a friend of Washington Irving.

1790 – Sheikh Muhammad Ibrahim Zauq, Indian sheikh who was an Urdu poet and scholar of literature, poetry, and religion; he wrote poetry under name “Zauq,” and was appointed poet laureate of the Mughal Court in Delhi at the age of 19.

1846 – Amalie Skram, Norwegian author and feminist who gave voice to a woman’s point of view with her naturalist writing; in Norway, she is considered the most important female writer of the Modern Breakthrough.

1893 – Dorothy Parker, often-quoted American poet, writer, and critic who was known for her satiric wit.

1918 – Girija Kumar Mathur, Indian Hindi writer, poet, and translator who is noted for his translation of the popular English song “We Shall Overcome” into Hindi.

1920 – Ray Bradbury, American science-fiction novelist and short-story writer best known for his dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451.

1924 – Ada Jafarey (also spelled Ada Jafri), Pakistani poet and author who is regarded as the first major Urdu woman poet; she has been called “The First Lady of Urdu Poetry.”

1924 – Harishankar Parsai, Indian Hindi magazine editor and writer of satire, known for his simple and direct style.

1933 – Irmtraud Morgner, German novelist known for her works of socialist realism and magic realism.

1935 – E. (Edna) Annie Proulx, Pulitzer Prize-winning and National Book Award-winning American author best known for her novel The Shipping News and her short story “Brokeback Mountain,” which was made into the Hollywood film of the same name.

1947 – Will Hobbs, American author of fiction for children and young adults, as well as two picture books; his work often focuses on adventures in the outdoors.

1955 – Will Shetterly, award-winning American fantasy and science-fiction writer.

1964 – Diane Setterfield, bestselling British author of Gothic fiction.

1970 – Charlie Connelly, British nonfiction author of books about travel and sports, especially noted for his sense of humor.

1972 – Larycia Alaine Hawkins, African-American scholar, author, and speaker who was the first female African-American tenured professor at Wheaton College, a Christian evangelical liberal arts school, and became the center of a global controversy when the college suspended her after she wore hijab and said that Christians and Muslims worship the same God.

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