Dorm Dream

I dreamed last night that my son arrived on campus for his freshman year of college (an event that is scheduled to take place for real next week). In reality, his roommate, a student named Justin with whom he has exchanged some texts, is set to move in the day after he does.

In the dream, he arrived at the same time as a young woman who said she was his roommate. None of us seemed to think it was odd that it was a girl, only that his roommate was supposed to arrive the following day, rather than having the two of them move in at the same time. He and I and the roommate proceeded to his room to find that they had a third roommate, also a girl, who had moved in the day before.

I was upset that he was in a triple; the school had said there would be no triples this year because of the pandemic. Also, the early arrival had taken the only bed that wasn’t bunked. The girls wanted him on the top bunk, which seemed unworkable. He’s 6-foot-3, and would not be able to sit up in bed. Both girls were so short that even I towered over them; they were exactly the same height, under 5 feet. That similarity only emphasized the fact that he would be the one who would be the odd one out in this triple. Again, the fact that the room would be mixed-sex did not alarm any of us.

I also realized there would be a problem fitting all of their belongings in the dorm room. It would have been a tight squeeze for two students. And with him in an upper bunk, the under-bed space we’d planned on for storing a lot of his belongings would not be available.

Is it normal for a parent to have college-anxiety dreams for a child who’s about to make the big move?

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