Photo Friday: For the Birds

It’s back! My cousin Kevin made this Bird Library for me a few years ago. When we moved last year, we uninstalled it from our old yard and brought it along to the new house. And then, a few months ago, a tree limb fell on the roof and cracked it. I had a heckuva time finding a place that would cut a piece of frosted plexiglass without charging a fortune (finally found an online vendor). And when we took it down, we realized it needed a paint job and a new floor, too. Moisture had gotten in around the edges of the old floor and damaged it.

My handy husband did the repairs, and used some of my brown craft paint to touch up the squirrel scratches on the bookcases. Our birds are literate, but the squirrels are just in it for the birdseed. And a little wanton destruction.

So, now for the unveiling: voila! The Library 4 Birds is as good as new. Maybe even better.

Here it is: my newly refurbished Bird Library. f you think you’ve seen something like it lately, you may have watched the webcam on my cousin’s. Mine is just a branch library, but Kevin, who made it for me, has the main branch. His has been recently featured in television and magazine pieces all over the country. Someday I’m going to get a webcam for mine, so my birds can be famous too.

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