JMU Orientation

My son has his five-hour online college orientation session today. I’m not sure what all might be included. Parents were welcome to join in for the introductory session. He’s on his own since then.

We had some issues getting it set up. His own computer doesn’t have a mic or camera. He hadn’t needed them; he had a school-issued Chromebook that was equipped with them, but after graduation he had to turn it in. We pulled out my husband’s laptop and added my microphone, and he was able to join the Zoom session. (Part of the day was prerecorded on YouTube, with other parts designed as breakout sessions on Zoom.)

We were able to see his cousin Annemarie! She’s one of the upperclass JMU students who is working as a peer advisor through the process.

I just hope he is actually paying attention, and not playing games or texting friends on his phone through today’s session. He texted his girlfriend, who is also going to JMU, to see if she was attending today’s session, but she hadn’t replied when I last asked him. He figured she was probably still in bed, which probably means she signed up for a different day.

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