Photo Friday: What the Flock?

A flock of pink flamingos invaded my yard for graduation day. I also added a flock of pink flamingo pinwheels that I bought online; you can see them in the photo if you look hard.

Because of the pandemic, my son’s high-school graduation a couple weeks ago had to be a virtual ceremony, which took some of the fun out of the occasion. The school’s All-Night Grad Party had to be canceled too, along with the party we were planning and the prom and all the spring concerts. My mother and sister ended up coming, because they had to be passing through town anyway, and the date worked out. Their visit made me feel a lot better about everything else Jon Morgan had to miss on his big day.

I did want to do something to make the day more festive, so I had our front yard flocked! In other words, I paid for someone to fill the yard with pink flamingos and a congratulatory sign. It’s not the same as having a real graduation, but how can you look at a yard full of pink flamingos and not be in a party mood?

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