Choosing Classes

My son has chosen his courses for the fall semester of his freshman year of college. Now let’s hope the university can actually offer in-person classes safely. That’s the current plan, according to the school, but who knows what will happen with the coronavirus pandemic.

It still seems odd that we’re all going ahead with our lives (albeit mostly from inside our own homes) and making plans. I guess there’s nothing else we can do.

In any case, he’s taking mostly music classes. For performance, he’ll have a one-on-one piano lesson and, on violin, will be part of a string ensemble and an orchestra. He’s taking an advanced music theory course (he exempted out of the first one, with a 5 on his AP Music Theory test during his sophomore year of high school). He is also taking an ear-training course. As for non-music classes, he signed up for two that satisfy some of his general requirements: a freshman writing course, and a class in problem solving and critical thinking.

I’m a bit envious, really. Universities offer such a wide range of subjects to study. I saw so many on the website that I wouldn’t mind signing up for, myself! I hope he’ll be adventurous and take a variety of classes, just because they interest him.

But now, he has to get working on dorm and roommate selections. I don’t remember having so many forms to fill out (online now) and decisions to make the summer before I started college. Life just keeps getting more complicated, doesn’t it?

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