June 17 Writer Birthdays

1797 – Alexandre Vinet, Swiss literary critic and theologian who advocated for religious freedom and the separation of church and state.

1867 – Henry Lawson, Australian poet and short-story writer.

1871 – James Weldon Johnson, American author, poet, educator, civil-rights activist, lawyer, diplomat, songwriter, and NAACP leader.

1880 – Carl Van Vechten, American music and dance critic, novelist, and nonfiction writer; portrait photographer for some of the best-known writers, musicians, and intellectuals of his day; he was also a patron of the Harlem Renaissance and literary executor for Gertrude Stein

1914 – John Hersey, American journalist whose first novel, A Bell for Adano, won the Pulitzer Prize.

1933 – Harry Browne, author of books about investing who was also a Libertarian Party nominee for U.S. President.

1937 – Robbie Nell Tilley Branscum, Edgar Award-winning American writer of children’s books and young-adult fiction.

1947 – Linda Chavez, American author, commentator, columnist, and talk-show host.

1945 – Art Bell, American author who hosts a paranormal-themed radio show.

1952 – Marie-Louise Gay, Canadian children’s book writer and illustrator.

1955 – Alan Taylor, two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning American historian, author, and professor who specializes in early U.S. history.

1980 – Jeph Jacques, webcomic writer and illustrator.

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