Photo Friday: March of the MVCS Titans

My son’s high-school graduation is tomorrow, but with large gatherings still prohibited because of the coronavirus pandemic, there will be no in-person ceremony. Instead, we’ll all watch a virtual event from home on television or the internet. Still, a group of parents wanted some sort of socially distanced in-person celebration. We’d thought of a car parade, but T.C. Williams is a huge school, and 900 cars wouldn’t have been manageable. So we decided to hold a parade to honor just the graduating seniors who went to elementary school at Mount Vernon Community School.

What a fun event! Sheriff Dana Lawhorne led the parade and arranged for police officers to direct traffic. We decorated our cars and met in the parking lot of George Washington Middle School to organize the cars and take a few photos of the grads (wearing masks). And then we drove down Mt Vernon Ave, waving and blowing our horns. All along the parade route, family members, neighbors, local business owners, and teachers waved, raised signs, and cheered on our kids. Life has been depressing lately, but today, life was fun. Happy Graduation to all of the T.C. Williams High School Class of 2020!

This is a small part of the TC Williams High School class of 2020 who went to elementary school at Mount Vernon Community School. They are joined by Alexandria Sheriff Dana Lawhorne (at right, in white shorts) and one of his deputies (near the left edge, wearing all black). My son is the tallest one in the back row, with sunglasses and a blue mortarboard. After the photo session, we had a car parade down Mt Vernon Ave, with lots of cheering.

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