In Michigan, armed terrorists have protested outside the state house, causing the state legislature to close. And in various parts of the country (including Michigan, which currently seems to be Ground Zero for coronavidiots) people are refusing to wear masks, and physically attacking the people whose job it is to tell them to wear masks. A dollar store security guard in Flint was shot and killed for trying to enforce the store’s mask requirement. It’s not just Michigan. There have been reports of violence in various parts of the country. And of noncompliance in more. Macho idiots — including the one in the White House — see masks as a sign of weakness.

In Georgia, most businesses in the state have opened up, including hair and nail salons, professional wrestling matches, and tattoo parlors. Clearly, all of those are essential for the operation of society.

Overall, the idiots are a small fringe group. I assume that most people in Michigan, Georgia, and in most parts of the country believe we need to take precautions and value human life over business interests. But the jerks are especially vocal, and some of them are well armed.

I do feel for the small business owners who may lose their livelihoods, as state governors who have actual brains are less eager than Georgia’s leaders are to reopen. And I’m incensed at the federal government’s supposed small-business bailout that funneled the money elsewhere. Not to mention all the loopholes in the $1,200 stimulus check we were all supposed to be getting. For instance, my son isn’t eligible to receive one at all. Somebody thought it made sense that children up to age 16 to get $500, and for most adults 21 and over get $1,200, but those aged 17- to 21 who are still dependents on their parents do not get counted either as children or adults, and get nothing. I have yet to hear a rationale for that omission. My husband and I finally received our check yesterday. It was for a lot less than I’d hoped, but I think we made too much in 2018 to be eligible for the full amount, which means we’re in much better shape financially than a lot of people, so I don’t mind.

The president will not put forth any kind of federal policy aimed at helping the country to cope with the virus, so for the most part, we’re left to the whims of state governors. We’re lucky in Virginia. Our governor is not only an intelligent, reasonable person; he’s actually a doctor.

Nationwide, masks are in short supply, as are ventilators, gloves, and all kinds of protective gear for medical personnel. After saying early on that there would be plenty of equipment available, the president is now making it clear that he’s hoarding it for the federal government, and that the states are on their own. Some states have arranged to buy protective gear from overseas, only to have it confiscated by the feds on arrival. Tests for the virus are hard to find — unless you’re in the president’s inner circle. He and anyone who has contact with him are tested often.

The U.S. is so, so bad at this.

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