Friday Photo: Prairie Dog

Last week’s photo was a chipmunk. In the same vein, this week I offer you a prairie dog! No, we don’t have prairie dogs here on the East Coast. A few years back, I took a road trip across much of the country with my husband and son. In Wyoming, we stopped to see Devils Tower National Monument. As we approached this remarkable, 900-foot geologic feature, we passed first through a town of about 600 prairie dogs. (I’m not anthropomorphizing; “town” is the correct term for a prairie dog community.) Here is one of the residents.

(OK, apparently I hit the wrong date when I scheduled this post, so we have a Friday Photo on a Thursday. Watch for a bonus prairie dog tomorrow, when it really is Friday.)

Despite their name, prairie dogs are actually closely related to squirrels. But unlike the squirrels in my yard, the Devils Tower prairie dogs seemed completely unafraid of us.

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