Photo Friday: Chipmunk Acrobats and Readers

My husband planted tomatoes in the planters on the patio, and added cages to keep the squirrels from digging them up. The squirrels’ loss is the chipmunks’ gain. The little guys soon realized they could scramble up the side of the cage to the top and then make a death-defying leap to reach the seedy joys of our Bird Library. We moved the planter farther from the Bird Library, twice, but they can still make the leap. I’m inclined just to let them eat their hard-earned seeds, but my husband says the birds are not pleased.

Maybe we need a separate Chipmunk Library.

You can’t see it in this photo, but just off the top of the picture is a sign that reads “Library 4 Birds.” Either the chipmunks can’t read, or they don’t care.

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