May 7 Writer Birthdays

1711 – David Hume, Scottish historian, economist, and essayist; a key figure in the history of Western philosophy and the Scottish Enlightenment.

1748 – Olympe de Gouges, (born Marie Gouze),French playwright, politician, journalist, philosopher, abolitionist, author, and women’s rights activist whose political writings reached a large audience who was executed by guillotine during the Reign of Terror for attacking the regime of the Revolutionary government.

1754 – Joseph Joubert, French moralist and essayist, unpublished until after his death.

1812 – Robert Browning, English poet and playwright, married to poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

1861 – Rabindranath Tagore, Bengali author; first non-European to win the Nobel Prize in Literature.

1867 – Władysław Reymont, Nobel Prize-winning Polish epic novelist.

1892 – Archibald MacLeish, three-time Pulitzer Prize-winning American poet who also served as Librarian of Congress.

1927 – Ruth Prawer Jhabvala, two-time Academy Award-winning German-born British/American novelist and screenwriter who is the only person to have won a Booker Prize and an Oscar.

1931 – Gene Wolfe, American science-fiction and fantasy writer.

1932 – Nonny Hogrogrian, Armenian-American children’s author, two-time Caldecott Medal winner.

1939 – Volker Braun, German poet and playwright.

1939 – William Dempsey Valgardson, Canadian poet, novelist, and short story writer.

1940 – Angela Carter, English novelist.

1943 – Peter Carey, Australian novelist; two-time Booker Prize winner.

1946 – Michael Rosen, prolific author of children’s books and poems; Children’s Poet Laureate of Britain; columnist and TV presenter.

1950 – Tim Russert, American journalist, lawyer, broadcaster, and author.

1954 – Amy Heckerling, screenwriter, film director, and producer whose work includes such popular films as Clueless, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and National Lampoon’s European Vacation.

1960 – Almudena Grandes, award-winning Spanish writer, screenwriter, and journalist.

1964 – Elliot Perlman, Australian novelist and short story writer.

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