Photo Friday: 30 Years

My 30th wedding anniversary is in a few days, though it sure doesn’t seem as long as 30 years. Bob and I were married at historic St. Mary’s church in Fairfax Station, the same church where Clara Barton nursed Civil War soldiers — and where, quite a few years later, my sister Karen and I received First Holy Communion in white drop-waist dresses with satin sashes. My mother sewed the dresses.

The church is still there, and as cute as ever, a traditional white clapboard building with a red steeple. Here are two views of St. Mary’s

My family had a lot of history with the church when I was a child. My dad ran the Labor Day picnic; Karen, Maria, and I played guitars in the folk group; and we often had the priests over at our house for Sunday dinner. Then we moved away when I was 11.
I like the new vs. old contrast in this photo, with the 1850s church topped by the jet stream that almost exactly matches the slope of the steeple.

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