I had vowed never to cut off a friendship because of differing political views. But today I unfriended a Trump apologist on Facebook.

First of all, this is an acquaintance rather than an actual, in-person friend. Maybe I would have cut some slack for someone I knew better. Maybe. And the last straw was not her political statement, as perplexing as I found it. It was her reaction to someone who pointed out a fact that did not support her opinion.

This week, President Trump made yet another mind-blowing statement, this one suggesting injection of chemical disinfectants into the body of COVID19 patients. I’m linking below to the video clip so you can see that he really said it. He talks first about treating the virus with light (wtf) and then with the injection of disinfectants. (I’m imagining Dr. Fauci somewhere, beating his head against a wall.) Later in this clip, by the way, he goes on to lie through his teeth, claiming the U.S. has done more testing than every other country combined. Not true. Not even close.

But I digress. This Facebook friend posted that the media is deliberately misrepresenting the President’s statement about the disinfectant. Someone else, someone I don’t know, replied to her post, pointing out that Trump is the one who said it; the media just reported it. And she lashed out, accusing the media of twisting Trump’s words, and then blasting the guy for loathing Trump so much that he cannot recognize the issues and is blind to “the good things.” It was unclear whether she considers the disinfectant idea to be one of “the good things.” She went on for several sentences like this, accusing him of being “full of hate.”

I don’t know if I was right to do so, but I unfriended her. I don’t need this in my life.

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