Taekwondo Class in the Time of Coronavirus

I posted a photo a couple days ago of my teenage son’s virtual piano lesson, with him sitting at the baby grand with his phone set up nearby so his teacher could tune in via WhatsApp. In addition to being a musician, Jon Morgan is a third-degree black belt in taekwondo. Before the shutdown, he was teaching several classes a week at the dojang. Finally, they’ve worked out the details to offer the classes online, and he recently taught a taekwondo class from our living room!

It worked, but I’m not sure he will be teaching from home again. The number of students is dwindling, and he thinks the Grand Master might decide he doesn’t need the extra help.

Another consequence of the COVID19 pandemic: My living room is a taekwondo studio! My son should have moved the chairs and cabinet out of the way; in fact, I suggested the living room because it has mostly lightweight, easily moved furniture. He must have thought that sounded like too much extra work.

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