April 8 Writer Birthdays

1869 – Harvey Cushing, American neurosurgeon and author of a Pulitzer prize-winning biography of Sir William Osler.

1880 – Margherita Sarfatti, Italian journalist, author, biographer, art critic, patron, collector, socialite, and propaganda adviser to the National Fascist Party; she was Benito Mussolini’s biographer as well as one of his mistresses.

1886 – Margaret Ayer Barnes, Pulitzer Prize-winning American novelist, short-story writer, and playwright.

1909 – John Fante, American novelist, short-story writer, speechwriter, and screenwriter best known for his semi-autobiographical novel Ask the Dust.

1911 – Emil Cioran, Romanian philosopher and essayist who published works in both Romanian and French; his work is noted for its pervasive philosophical pessimism, and frequently engages with issues of suffering, decay, and nihilism.

1913 – Erna Diez, Austrian art historian, classical archaeologist, and author who specialized in Roman art.

1918 – Glendon Swarthout, award-winning American author and journalist whose most well known work is Bless the Beasts and Children.

1937 – Seymour Hersh, American investigative journalist and political writer who broke the My Lai massacre story

1939 – Trina Schart Hyman, Caldecott Medal-winning American author and illustrator of children’s picture books.

1947 – Robert Kiyosaki, American investor and author of bestselling personal finance books.

1955 – Barbara Kingsolver, bestselling and critically acclaimed American author of fiction, poetry, essays, and nonfiction, possibly best known for her novel The Poisonwood Bible; her work often focuses on social justice, biodiversity, and the interaction between humans and their communities and environments.

1962 – Alberto Angela, Italian paleontologist, writer, science journalist, and scientific popularizer

1974 – Nnedi Okorafor, Nigerian-American writer of fantasy and science fiction for adults and children.

1980 – Marion Montaigne, French cartoonist and writer, known particularly for her comics about popular science.

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