Photo Friday: Homemade Bagels

With the pandemic having shut down so much of society outside our homes, many of us are spending some of our newfound free time in the kitchen. Generally, I am not what anyone would call domestic, but I do like to bake. In fact, I frequently bake bread. But for years, I’ve wanted to attempt the more labor-intensive process of making my own bagels. Last weekend, I gave it a try.

Bagels begin with bread dough. But after being shaped into that familiar bagel shaped and allowed to rise once more, bagels are boiled for a minute or two before being baked in the oven.

Next time, I will make these slightly smaller than my recipe called for. After rising, I thought they were just too big. And smaller bagels would be easier to work with in a pot of boiling water. Also, the recipe I used did not call for oil or butter, which means the bagels will dry out sooner. Next time I plan to add a tablespoon of oil. Also, some are a bit misshapen. Now that I have been through the process once, I think I’ll do better next time.

But besides those caveats, I thought my bagels came out well! And my husband insists they’re the best he’s ever tasted.

My very own homemade bagels!

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