March 21 Writer Birthdays

1893 – Geoffrey Dearmer, British poet whose works dealt with the brutality of war.

1902 – William Downie Forrest, Scottish journalist, editor, and war correspondent.

1905 – Phyllis McGinley, Pulitzer Prize-winning American author of children’s books and poetry.

1919 – Geoffrey Pinnington, British reporter and editor.

1928 – Peter Hacks, German playwright, author, and essayist.

1929 – Jules Bergman, broadcast writer and journalist; science editor for ABC News, he is most remembered for coverage of the U.S. space program.

1934 – Ved Mehta, Hindu author and magazine writer who lost his eyesight as a child but went on to write novels, nonfiction, travel books, nonfiction books, and an autobiography.

1935 – Hubert Fichte, award-winning German novelist, essayist, and journalist.

1936 – Margaret Mahy, New Zealand author of children’s and young-adult fantasy books.

1953 – David Wisniewski, Caldecott Medal-winning American children’s author and illustrator.

1981 – Lauren Kate, bestselling author of adult and young-adult novels, especially known for historical fiction.

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