March 20 Writer Birthdays

43 BC – Publius Ovidius Naso, known as Ovid, Ancient Roman poet best known for the Metamorphoses.

1828 – Henrik Willem Ibsen, Norwegian playwright and poet, considered the “Father of Realism.”

1845 – Lucy Myers Wright Mitchell, classical historian and archaeologist.

1904 – B.F. Skinner, influential American psychologist and author.

1907 – John Hugh MacLennan, Canadian author and professor.

1908 – Kathryn Anderson McLean (pen name Kathryn Forbes), American memoirist and short-story writer.

1917 – Kalervo Hemming Hortamo, Finnish poet and teacher.

1922 – Carl Reiner, popular comedian, actor, director, and screenwriter.

1923 – Marc Saporta, Istanbul-born French journalist, novelist, and literary critic.

1928 – Fred Rogers, author, screenwriter, songwriter, and minister who was the iconic host of the classic children’s TV show, Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.

1937 – Lois Lowry, multiple Newbery Award winner for her children’s and YA books.

1948 – Pamela Sargent, Nebula Award-winning science-fiction author, editor, and feminist who has written, among other things, alternate-history stories and Star Trek novels, as well as editing anthologies that spotlight women’s contributions to science fiction.

1954 – Louis Sachar, popular American children’s and YA author.

1955 – Nina Kiriki Hoffman, American fantasy, science-fiction, and horror author.

1959 – Mary Roach, author of popular science books with a whimsical edge.

1968 – A.J. Jacobs, American journalist and author.

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