Photo Friday: The Doctor Is In

I was driving my rental car in Homer, Alaska, and suddenly came upon the Tardis. It was standing on the side of the road, by the edge of a strip of woods. I’ve never heard of Homer as a hotbed of space alien activity, and there wasn’t a Dalek or a Cyberman in sight. But you never know. Maybe the sea otters were facing an extraterrestrial threat.

Naturally, I pulled over to investigate, but the Tardis was locked, and I didn’t have a key. There went my dreams of being The Doctor’s next Companion.

Peter Capaldi was the current Doctor when I came across the Tardis in Alaska, but Doctor Who is a time traveler, so any of the Doctor’s incarnations could have been waiting inside — or out saving the sea otters from intergalactic enemies.
I like to think it was David Tennant.

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