Coronavirus Craziness

For the last week, stores have been mostly out hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes, and rubbing alcohol. And I’ve been hearing from friends around the country that store shelves are also empty of toilet paper, tissue, paper towels, and basic food staples. It’s not that bad here. You can still find tissues and toilet paper easily enough in this area, though I can’t say how long that will be true.

Besides hand sanitizer, the only thing I’ve wanted and couldn’t buy was dried milk. I guess people are stockpiling it for when they can’t get to the store to buy fresh milk. Not me. The only person in the house who actually drinks milk is my husband, and he can’t stand the powdered kind. (His parents used to buy it when he was a kid, and he and his siblings called it “icky milk.”) The only reason I wanted some is because one of my favorite recipes for bread calls for powdered milk, and I’m nearly out. I guess I’ll use buttermilk powder instead. (Yes, I bake bread. I’m weird that way.)

Today at the upscale grocery store Fresh Market I did noticed a display of pretty gift baskets, tied up with big bows. Inside the baskets were hard-to-find cleaning supplies.

This is getting surreal.

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