College Craziness Payoff: The First Acceptance!

After all the campus visits, applications, application fees, financial aid forms, auditions, interviews, essays, and other assorted hoops to jump through, my son has received his first college acceptance!

James Madison University has offered him a spot, not just at the university, but also in the music department. We are not surprised; it was his backup or “safety” school, the one he applied to that we were pretty certain would accept him. But it’s still a relief to know he’s in somewhere — though disappointing that JMU offered him no financial aid whatsoever.

In fact, we have been impressed with pretty much everything about JMU, especially the music department. He could do a lot worse than ending up there, and might choose it, even if he gets into some that were initially his preferred schools.

The others he applied to are more selective than JMU, so there’s no guarantee that he’ll get in anywhere else, though we’re hopeful. Announcements are expected April 1 officially. But UVa was early this year in announcing Early Action and Early Decision results, so we’re hoping we won’t have to wait so long for that one.

This is the JMU bulldog mascot eating parents’ tuition checks, which seems fitting, seeing as how the bulldog did not offer Jon Morgan even a smidgen of financial aid.

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