February 29 Writer Birthdays

1848 – Adele Zay, Romanian/Hungarian writer, teacher, pedagogue, school administrator, and women’s rights activist.

1908 – Dee Brown, American novelist and historian whose most famous work is Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee.

1920 – Howard Nemerov, Pulitzer Prize-winning and National Book Award-winning American poet, novelist, and critic who was U.S. Poet Laureate twice.

1936 – Nh. Dini (pen name for Nurhayati Srihardini Siti Nukatin), Indonesian novelist and feminist.

1948 – Patricia McKillip, popular, prolific American author of science fiction and fantasy for adults, children, and young adults; she has won a Locus Award, a World Fantasy Award, and a World Fantasy Lifetime Achievement Award.

1952 – Tim Powers, two-time World Fantasy Award-winning American author of science fiction and fantasy.

1964 – Natasha Beaulieu, French-Canadian author of fantasy and horror novels.

1980 – Mizuki Tsujimura, award-winning Japanese writer of mystery novels for both for adults and children.

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