Month of Letters, Day 28

Wow, the Month of Letters challenge is almost over for 2020!

I meant to mail some actual penpal-type letters on Friday, February 28, but we had some drama at home concerning my son’s desperate rush to complete an English assignment that absolutely, positively had to get submitted online to the teacher — and that required a lot of parental hand-holding and I.T. support.

But I did manage, somehow, to mail three Postcrossing postcards nonetheless.

To Istanbul, Turkey: a very cool card I bought from fabric artist Jamie Langhoff, showing an appliqued and embroidered scene of the Washington Monument with Fourth of July fireworks blossoming in the night sky around it. The recipient had mentioned his interest in cards that show the rituals or celebrations surrounding different countries’ Independence Day holidays, so it seemed like a good fit. This card was actually a replacement for a card I mailed to him last November that never arrived. It happens.

To Rehovot, Israel: a photo of a red, beaded, and fur-lined early 20th century dress made of caribou hide, wool, and shells. The dress is an artifact from one of the Alaskan Indian cultures and had been passed down for five generations of one family before ending up in a museum in Anchorage. The Postcrosser it went to had expressed an interest in Native American culture. I hope she likes it!

To Minsk, Belarus: a night scene in New York City, showing Midtown Manhattan skyscrapers in a gorgeous blue light.

And now there is only one more day left in the Month of Letters. But I suspect I’ll be responding to late-arriving LetterMo mail well into March. And that’s a good thing.

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