Month of Letters, Day 26

Yesterday was Wednesday, February 26. As the Month of Letters winds down, I am still doing my best to mail something every day. Or four somethings, three of which were Postcrossing cards :

  • To Huntsville, Alabama, a letter to a LetterMo participant. This is my second letter to her this month, and is in response to her reply to my first letter (sent to her on February 4). I hope we will become regular (or irregular) pen pals.
  • To Moscow, a Postcrossing card to Dina and Ilya, a Russian couple with an interest in American history, especially the Civil War. For them I chose a Civil War Virginia postcard showing a reenactment of the Battle of New Market.
  • To Clifton, New Jersey, a Postcrossing card showing a map of Virginia, because the recipient collects state map cards.
  • To Austria, a Postcrossing card that’s a reproduction of vintage botanical prints from France showing many flowers.

And I posted them from a mailbox I had never noticed before, right here in Del Ray, so I can mark the “Sent From a New Mailbox” button on the Month of Letters website.

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