Photo Friday: Home Improvement

Yay! The custom built-ins in our master bedroom are just about finished. All we need now are paint and a few additions including the curtain rod and the other hardware. I am so excited about the work, which was wrapped up yesterday (for the most part) that I had to share the Before and After images for Photo Friday.

On the left, which is my side, it’s bookshelf space above and cabinets below. The lower cabinet has a pull-out shelf for a mini microwave, with space for tea bags and mugs. I’m not sure what I’ll use the higher cabinet for. It may just be closed storage for books. We could have left it as an open shelf, but it balances out the right side better this way. Both cabinets have electrical outlets inside.

The right side is a built-in dresser for my husband, so we can finally get rid of the old oak one. (Big Flea, it’s yours!) Above that are bookshelves, with the bottom one intended for stereo equipment, hence the electrical outlet there.

Across the top of the wall is more bookshelf space. The upper shelves are lighted inside, and above them, peeking out over the crown molding, are mood lights that can be set to change color. My son’s comment: “Why don’t I have cool stuff like this in my room?”

If I could afford it, I would put cool stuff like this in every room of the house.

The project was designed and constructed by Iain Lowrie of Studio Bianco Designs. This is the fourth job Iain has done for me — and
there may be more ahead. I would recommend him to anyone! See his website here:

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