Month of Letters, Day 20

Today, for the 20th day of February, I sent three pieces of mail for the Month of Letters challenge. All three were Postcrossing cards, two to Germany and one to the U.S.

  • To Anklam, Germany, an atmospheric evening shot of Jackson Square in New Orleans. The Postcrosser there, a 28-year-old named Lydia, loves New Orleans and specifically mentioned cards from there on her wish list. She also cited vampires, Harry Potter, and other fantasy and horror favorites, so I thought the moodiness of the scene might appeal to her. Also, I love New Orleans, too!
  • To San Luis Obispo, California, I sent a postcard of the Blue Ridge Mountains to a student named John whose “favorites” list all seemed to be photographs of mountains.
  • To Leipzig, Germany, a lovely painting by Belgian artist Herman Richir (1866-1942) of a woman reading. The painting (c1910) is called La Partition. I chose it because the recipient, Zoe, is a bookseller.

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