Another Weekend, Another College Visit

The Lafayette Statue (left) and Washington Monument in Baltimore, adjacent to Peabody Institute of Music

It was the third weekend of the month, so we had the third in our February series of weekly college, university, or conservatory interview/audition/portfolio review visits. This one was to Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins University.

This one is in Baltimore, only an hour and a quarter’s drive from here. So we were able to plan it as a day trip instead of getting a hotel room. Then, the day before, we found out that we were expected to be there all day for a variety of meetings and other events, not just the half-hour needed for the interview. In all fairness, I suspect that information was provided to us much earlier than the day before, but fell victim to my son’s habitual neglect of his email. If I’d known we were supposed to be there early, I probably would have just planned on going up the night before.

But it wasn’t bad driving up early Sunday morning. Traffic was light at that time of the week, and it was a quick and easy drive. We even made it in time. We attended a coffee with the faculty who head the Composition department and a general parents’ meeting with some Peabody admissions officers. Particularly useful — and entertaining — was an informal spontaneous conversation with several current Peabody students, and some prospective students and their parents. This was while the professors were calling in the students one by one for their interviews. The high-schoolers were a bit nervous and awkward, and the college students were relaxed and happy and were not only helpful but were entertaining, too.

We also ate lunch in the dining hall, and prevailed upon a student who was apparently on general hang-out-and-answer-parent-questions duty to show us a dorm room. He happily let us see his own room, though I could tell he began to have second thoughts as he opened the door and remembered that it was a mess. He started apologizing, and we assured him and his roommate that we were accustomed to messes and would not freak out or hold it against him.

As for the interview itself, Jon Morgan has done this several times now, and is getting more comfortable with the process. Peabody does not require Composition majors to audition. It was just a review of the original music in his portfolio and a discussion about his own music and about music in general. He said it went well.

Jon Morgan on the landing of the grand staircase at Peabody Conservatory/JHU, with Bob behind him.

He has applied to both Peabody and the JHU main campus. If he gets into both, he can choose to enter the Dual Degree program, which means he would major in Music Composition at the conservatory and in whatever he wants at Hopkins. Usually this option takes five years.

If he gets into Peabody but not the rest of the university, he can major only within the music curriculum, but can still take courses (and minor) at JHU.

Like almost every other school he applied to, Peabody releases acceptances and financial aid offers on or around April 1.

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