February 8 Writer Birthdays

1819 – John Ruskin, English art critic of the Victorian Era, best remembered for his five-volume work, Modern Painters.

1828 – Jules Verne, French novelist, poet, playwright, and pioneer in the science-fiction genre, known for such classics as Journey to the Center of the Earth and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

1850 – Kate Chopin, American novelist and short story writer, most known for her novel The Awakening.

1911 – Elizabeth Bishop, American poet and writer who was a Pulitzer and National Book Award winner and the U.S. Poet Laureate.

1924 – Lisel Mueller, German-born National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize-winning American poet and translator.

1926 – Neal Cassady, Majorn figure of the Beat Generation, the model for the Dean Moriarty character in Kerouac’s On The Road.

1940 – Zahid Hussain, better known by the pen name Wasim Barelvi, leading Indian poet in the Urdu language.

1951 – Ashok Chakradhar, Indian writer, poet, literary critic, and university professor who works towards the propagation of the Hindustani language.

1955 – John Grisham, American author and attorney, lauded for his bestselling legal thrillers.

1955 – Nancy Oliver, American screenwriter, best known for Lars and the Real Girl.

1962 – Malorie Blackman, British screenwriter, children’s book author, novelist, and science-fiction writer.

1969 – Mary Robinette Kowal, award-winning American science-fiction and fantasy novelist and short-story writer who is also a professional voice actor and puppeteer.

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