Photo Friday: Siena Window

I’ve been thinking about Italy lately and wanting to go back. I guess it’s because of my rushed weekend in Boston a few days ago, with dinner at Eataly (an Italian marketplace in an upscale mall in Back Bay) and stops in Old Forge, Pennsylvania (Pizza Capital of the World) on the way up to New England and back. Also, I have been watching the Netflix show, Medici, filmed in Tuscany, with such evocative Tuscan scenery.

In any case, it made me want to pull open my photos from Italy and dream about going back. This one was taken in Siena. We arrived in town during one of the many contrade (neighborhood) parades leading up to the famous Palio horse race. This one was for the Drago (Dragon) contrade, with banners in vivid pink, green, and yellow. I snapped this shot of a woman watching the parade from her window. I love the texture of the walls, and the vivid laundry hanging beneath her.

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