Photo Friday: TC Williams Reflections Winners

Last week, T.C. Williams High School Reflections winners were honored in an awards ceremony at school. Ten students won awards for Dance Choreography, Literature, Music Composition, Photography, and Visual Arts. It’s the only high school in Alexandria that participates in the PTA Reflections contest, so our 1st Place winners are also the 1st Place winners for the city, which means that they advanced to compete in the Northern Virginia District contest. More good news: three of our TCW students won 1st Place in the Northern Virginia competition and are now competing in the statewide contest!

Here is a photo from last Wednesday morning’s event in the TCW front office. These are eight of our ten winning students; two others could not make it to the ceremony.

Here are the winning students who were present for the school awards program. Also pictured, TCW Reflections Chair Luisa Tio (left) and TCW Principal Peter Balas (lower right). Our Northern Virginia 1st Place winners are Jonathan (tall one in the back row) for Music Composition, Nathaniel (next to him, in the baseball cap) for Photography, and Molly (front row, with colored highlights in her hair) for Dance Choreography. Now I’m taking off my Northern Virginia Reflections Chair hat and putting on my Proud Mom hat, to say that Music Composition phenom Jonathan is my son. State results will be out in March.

For more information on the PTA Reflections program, see my earlier post about it:

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