Month of Letters, Day 1

February is the Month of Letters, also known as “LetterMo.” Every day this month, those of us who’ve taken the challenge aim to send at least one piece of mail by good, old-fashioned snail mail, and to respond to anyone who writes to us. Bills, junk mail, and other non-personal forms of mail don’t count. And we’re not required to send mail on days when there is no mail delivery (in the U.S., that would be Sundays and holidays).

I have been traveling over the weekend, so I was mailing from several locations. But I did mail something each of the first few days of the month. On Saturday, February 1, it was three postcard, all of them to other Postcrossers:

  • To Glendale, Arizona, here in the U.S., a vintage-style “Greetings From Virginia” card.
  • To St. Petersburg, Russia, a postcard with a shot of Kansas sunflowers.
  • To Eno, Finland, an atmospheric photo of a New Orleans street in the rain.

All three of these were mailed from Moosic, Pennsylvania, while we were en route to Boston.

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