Photo Friday: Before and After

I have new built-in bookcases in my family room! When we bought the house, the fireplace wall was already surrounded by bookcases and cabinets. But you can never have enough bookshelves. Or, at least, I can never have enough bookshelves. I called on my excellent furniture architect Iain, and he designed and built more of them around the bay window.

Iain’s next job: More bookcases (and a cabinet, and some drawers). This time, he will be building them for the master bedroom.

But first, here is the Before and After for the newly enhanced family room wall:

I guess this would have been more effective if I’d taken both pictures either during the day or at night, so that the lighting would be the same. But you can see the difference. The arched sections at the top of the new bookcases have lights built in. Before I add the books, I’d like to have the back of the bookcases painted pale blue, to match the backs of the other built-in bookcases in the room.

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