College Craziness, Part 3

Another college application has been submitted! This one went to James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. I would like to say that my son is a well-organized and forward-thinking teen who planned ahead and sent this one off days or even weeks before the last possible moment. But no. He hit “submit” with 20 minutes to spare before the deadline — which is better than the last one, but still way too close for comfort.

JMU is Jon Morgan’s backup or “safety” school, the one he’s applying to with a high degree of confidence that he will be accepted; his test scores, GPA, and activities are at a considerably higher level than the average accepted student there. At the same time, it’s an excellent school with great music facilities as well as strong programs in various liberal arts areas. And it’s relatively affordable. Relatively. So he could do a lot worse.

His cousin, my sister Maria’s youngest daughter Annie, is a sophomore there and loves the place. In fact, everyone I’ve spoken with who is or has been a JMU student loves it.

Jon Morgan is applying as a music major, so he has to audition to get into the department, so we will still have to set that up.

Here he is on the campus of James Madison University last April, when we toured the school.

He also managed to get in an application over winter break, applying to Johns Hopkins University. That was the application he submitted a scant 10 minutes before the midnight January 2 deadline. And see my earlier post about Peabody Conservatory, which is part of Hopkins and where he also applied, for details on the program there.

He will still have several interviews and auditions for various schools. And then, in a few weeks, he should start hearing some results, probably from the University of Virginia first, since he applied Early Action there. But for now, it appears that the initial application process for all of his chosen schools has been completed. What a relief.

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