January 14 Writer Birthdays

1875 – Albert Schweitzer, Nobel Prize-winning French theologian, writer, organist, philosopher, and physician whose name has become synonymous with humanitarianism.

1882 – Hendrik Willem Van Loon, Dutch-American historian, journalist, and children’s book writer, known for his world history for children, The Story of Mankind, which 1n 1922 won the first Newbery Award.

1886 – Hugh Lofting, English civil engineer and author who created the classic children’s character of Doctor Dolittle.

1896 – John Dos Passos, American novelist and artist, known for his “USA Trilogy,” together ranked by the Modern Library as 23rd of the 100 best English-language novels of the 20th century.

1905 – Emily Hahn, prolific American journalist and author; considered an early feminist and called “a forgotten American literary treasure” by The New Yorker magazine, she wrote 54 books and more than 200 articles and short stories.

1919 – Andy Rooney, author, journalist, and television personality, best known for his “A Few Minutes With Andy Rooney” segments on the CBS news magazine show 60 Minutes.

1921 – Kenneth Bulmer, prolific British author, best known for his science fiction, but who also wrote realistic fiction, military fiction, sea stories, and magazine articles; he wrote under many pseudonyms, including Alan Burt Akers, Ken Blake, Ernest Corley, Arthur Frazier, Adam Hardy, Philip Kent, Bruno Krauss, Neil Langholm, Manning Norvil, Charles R. Pike, Dray Prescot, Andrew Quiller, Richard Silver, Tully Zetford, and Rupert Clinton.

1925 – Yukio Mishima, pen name of Japanese author and poet Kimitake Hiraoka, known for his avant-garde writing as well as his ritual suicide.

1926 – Tom Tryon, American actor and author of science fiction, horror, and mystery novels and screenplays.

1947 – Taylor Branch, Pulitzer Prize-winning American author, historian, and Martin Luther King Jr. biographer who wrote about the Civil Rights movement.

1948 – John Lescroart, American author of legal and crime thriller novels.

1949 – Mary Robison, American novelist and short-story writer.

1950 – Arthur Byron Cover, American book author and short-story writer whose work is in the science-fiction, fantasy, and horror genres.

1952 – Maureen Dowd, American author and New York Times columnist.

1957 – Anchee Min, Chinese-American author of fiction and memoirs.

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