Postcards From the World, Part 2

Here are my favorites of the Postcrossing postcards I’ve received in the past few days. (Never heard of Postcrossing? It’s an international postcard exchange site; for details, see my earliest Postcrossing post at this link and also a more recent Postcrossing post at this link.)

First, I received the first card below on January 4. This one came from Las Vegas, Nevada (Postcrossing members can specify that they’d like to receive cards from their own country as well as from more exotic locales) and commemorates the 150th anniversary of the invention of the postcard. The back says, “Postcard 150th Anniversary. Created as a simple way to send a quick message, the humble postcard was introduced in 1869 and continues to fill mailboxes around the world telling of adventures lived and places visited.”

This postcard arrived from Sylvia in Las Vegas, Nevada, with Postcrossing ID#US6440870. Silvia says she actually spends quite a bit of time here in Alexandria!

The second card arrived the following day, January 5, from Vilnius, Lithuania, and came with a puffy dinosaur sticker on the back. The illustrator is children’s book artist Sigute Ach, also Lithuanian. I love the delicate colors and patterns and the whimsical creatures.

This postcard, #LT701058, came from 20-year-old Lukrecija, an animal lover and university student majoring in microbiology in Lithuania.

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