Photo Friday

With minutes to spare before the Thursday midnight deadline, Jon Morgan completed the essay last night and submitted his application to Johns Hopkins University! He has already applied to Hopkins’s Peabody Conservatory. If he is accepted to both, he could enter as a Dual Degree student, double-majoring in music composition at Peabody and whatever he chooses at the main campus. He still has maybe two more college applications to complete, due January 15.

I took this shot on a gorgeous, clear day in October when we toured the main campus of Johns Hopkins University on Senior Visit Day. Hopkins is one of my own alma maters; I received my masters degree in Creative Writing there in 2000 (unfortunately the school does not have a legacy preference policy for admissions, so my degree won’t help him.) He can’t go to either one without a hefty financial aid package, but the school claims to have a generous aid policy, so we have our fingers crossed.

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