December 24 Writer Birthdays

1714 – Rainieri De Calzabigi, Italian poet and librettist who was a close friend of Casanova.

1791 – Augustin-Eugène Scribe, French dramatist whose works dominated the Parisian stage for more than 30 years.

1798 – Adam Bernard Mickiewicz, Romantic poet, dramatist, essayist, translator, and political activist; considered Poland’s greatest poet.

1818 – Eliza Cook, English author and poet.

1869 – Henriëtte Roland Holst-van der Schalk, Dutch poet and socialist party leader.

1907 – I.F. Stone, American investigative journalist and author.

1910 – Fritz Reuter Leiber Jr, American science fiction author, poet, and playwright; an influential figure in sword-and-sorcery fantasy.

1911 – Malcolm MacEwen, Scottish journalist and editor.

1927 – Mary Higgins Clark (full name Mary Theresa Eleanor Higgins Clark Conheeney), prolific Edgar Award-winning American author of bestselling mysteries and suspense novels.

1969 – Mark Millar, comic book author.

1973 – Stephenie Meyer, American author of the popular “Twilight” teen series of vampire romance novels.

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