Postcards From the World

A few days ago I posted about reaching my goal of both sending and receiving 5,000 Postcrossing postcards by the end of this year, after a little more than 10 years of being a Postcrosser. (Here is a link to that post, which also includes a primer on what Postcrossing is and how it works.)

Now I want to post images of those milestone postcards. First, this adorable little illustration of a lamb is on the 5000th Postcrossing card I sent out that was registered by the recipient on arrival. (Postcrossing does not count a card as sent until it reaches its destination and is registered.) This card took seven days to travel to Linz, Austria, where a Postcrosser named Ute registered it on December 17.

The card is called Elizabeth, presumably the name of the cute and stylish little lamb. The art is by Vicki Sawyer.

Next, here is the 5000th Postcrossing card I’ve received. This one came all the way from Annabell in Wuhan, China, and took 88 days to reach me, arriving on December 18. That’s quite a long time; the average transit time for a card traveling from China is 37 days. This one has an unusual photo. The printed description on the card is in Chinese, so I don’t know if there is an explanation. Still, I really like this image. After 5000 cards, I love it when I receive one that surprises me.

I don’t know if there is some significance to this photo, or if it’s just a street scene. I love the randomness of the hangers on the wall, and the fact that most of them are hanging sideways. And the deep blue wall provides such a contrast to the exterior view that can be glimpsed behind the wall to the left.

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