College Craziness, Part 2

My son has submitted another college application. Tonight was the deadline for applying to Curtis Institute of Music, in Philadelphia. The application seemed particularly long and detailed, but he has been working on it for some time, and finally finished tonight, a whole hour or two before the midnight deadline. Woo hoo.

He sent off the application, along with three samples of his original music (he’s applying as a Composition major) and the enormous $250 entry fee (the biggest yet, but if he gets in, the school is tuition-free, so that will more than make up for it).

Curtis is extremely selective, accepting only about 3% of applicants. So we are not holding our breath. On the other hand, I do think he’s a darn good candidate.

Next up: Johns Hopkins. But not tonight.

And if you missed my first College Craziness post, click here.

Here is the young Maestro in concert at the Lyceum two years ago.

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