December 8 Writer Birthdays

65BC – Horace, Roman satirist & lyric poet.

1832 – Björnstjerne Björnson, Nobel Prize-winning Norwegian novelist.

1862 – Georges Feydeau, Belle Epoque playwright and a forerunner of absurdist theater.

1881 – Padraic Colum, Irish poet, novelist and dramatist who was a leading figure of the Irish literary revival.

1894 – James Thurber, author, journalist and cartoonist; especially known for work published in the New Yorker magazine.

1903 – Katherine “Kitty” Muggeridge, British writer and translator.

1906 – Richard Llewellyn, Welsh novelist who wrote How Green Was My Valley.

1912 – Jura Soyfer, Austrian political journalist and satirist; died at Buchenwald in 1939.

1913 – Delmore Schwartz, poet and short-story writer.

1930 – John Morressy, U.S. science-fiction author.

1943 – Jim Morrison, poet, songwriter and musician; lead singer of the Doors; he attended George Washington High School in Alexandria, which is now my teenager’s former school, George Washington Middle School!

1949 – Mary Gordon, American writer of novels, memoirs, and literary criticism.

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