College Craziness

Help! It’s college application time. My son tends to wait until the last possible moment to get his applications in, which is increasing the stress levels associated with this whole process. And the stress levels, in any case, are high. So many applications (and application fees) to pay. So many requirements to fulfill, essays to write, questions to answer, details to track down, financial aid packages to apply for, and red tape to cut.

I believe he’s a good candidate for all of the schools he’s trying for. He has better than a 4.0 average, stellar SATs (with a perfect score in math), and plenty of AP classes. Even more important (for the music schools, especially), he really is a gifted composer. On the other hand, a lot of students are good candidates. So he’s applying to his list of schools, and then we’ll see what happens.

He applied Early Action to UVa, so that one had to be in by November 1.

This week, he submitted applications by yesterday’s December 1 deadline to Boston Conservatory at Berklee School of Music and to Peabody Conservatory at Johns Hopkins University.

I was really hoping he would get his Johns Hopkins application in at the same time as the Peabody App. He wants to get into the Dual Degree program. Students who apply and get accepted at both the Homewood campus of Hopkins (that’s the main campus) and the Peabody campus can double major between the two. But the Hopkins application isn’t due until January 1, so he does have some time on that one. I would just like him to submit more applications soon, and be that much closer to finished.

His next due date: December 16 for the notoriously selective Curtis School of Music.

Fingers crossed.

This is the dorm Jon Morgan lived in for two weeks in July 2018, when he attended the High School Composition Intensive Summer Program at Boston Conservatory, which is part of Berklee School of Music. It’s in the lovely and vibrant Back Bay neighborhood of Boston, very close to Fenway Park.

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